Morrisroe is passionate about the career development of our employees and for those wanting to build a career in construction, we offer a small number of apprenticeships to individuals every year to gain a trade skill. We offer apprenticeships in a number of disciplines, for example, 2015 was ‘Formwork Carpentry’. As an apprentice we will sponsor you to attend college on a day (or block) release basis whilst gaining on-site experience to gain an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification).

Once you have an NVQ this could just be the beginning for you. There are options available to go on to obtaining other qualifications.


Jack Sinnot

Formwork Carpentry Apprentice

Initially I thought my career would revolve around being an electrician, but I found it quite boring, I wanted to do something physical.

Before Jack joined Morrisroe, he was undertaking a one day a week course with Carillion learning basic construction. After finishing this course, he started an electrician apprenticeship, realising quite soon that it was not for him.

Jack’s opportunity for the formwork carpentry apprenticeship came about after receiving a phone call from Carillion notifying him of the opportunity, which he eagerly pursued. Much to his delight, Jack was offered the apprenticeship opportunity with Morrisroe and has been enjoying learning new skills since joining the company.

In 5 years’ time, Jack hopes to be able to share the skills and techniques he has learnt with other future apprentices, working towards becoming a Supervisor.

Joseph Small

Formwork Carpentry Apprentice

When I found out about the opportunity to join Morrisroe, I realised it provided exactly what I wanted – watching something built from the ground up and to see progression in front of my eyes.

Joining Morrisroe in August 2015, Joseph had previously been undertaking labouring work on various London sites whilst searching for the right apprenticeship opportunity.
As a labourer on multi-trade sites, Joseph quickly discovered his passion for carpentry; so when he saw the opportunity for the formwork carpentry apprenticeship at Morrisroe, he was immediately interested and applied for an interview. Success came very soon and Joseph was thrilled at securing his place with Morrisroe for the apprenticeship.

In five years’ time, Joseph wants to have progressed with his role, teaching and giving other apprentices the chances and opportunities that were given to him.

Kai Bowels

Formwork Carpentry Apprentice

I’d learnt general carpentry at college, but I really prefer Morrisroe’s type of work – I am able to get experience on real jobs with help from experienced carpenters.

Kai has started working with Morrisroe helping to construct shutters – something that he enjoys and which he has found rewarding from the start.

Building good relationships with the team on site, Kai has been working closely with one tutor in particular who has supported him since joining Morrisroe. This support has allowed Kai to learn and develop a great deal of his skills in a live environment.

For the future, Kai hopes to continue with his career in formwork carpentry on some of London’s premium projects, working his way up and gaining experience to become a Supervisor.

Lionel Featherstone

Formwork Carpentry Apprentice

This isn’t just a job for me – this is my career, I want to progress and Morrisroe has really made that dream a reality.

Lionel began the apprenticeship with Morrisroe in August 2015. He had previously come into Morrisroe as a skilled labourer mid-June 2015, but it wasn’t until Lionel discussed further opportunities with Morrisroe Project Managers that he decided to think about the area he wanted to specialise in.

Having had the time to experience different aspects of work, trying different things, Lionel was keen to push towards carpentry, so he applied for the apprenticeship and successfully achieved a place.

In 5 years’ time Lionel wants to have built up his skills in carpentry, being able to apply them flexibly. Ultimately, he hopes to become a Site Manager.

Simon Chambers

Formwork Carpentry Apprentice

As soon as I finish the apprenticeship I’m going to try and get on the Supervisor NVQ3, and from there try and get level 4, 5 and maybe 6.

Simon began working with Morrisroe in August 2014, initially working as a labourer undertaking groundworks on two of Morrisroe’s projects: Sloane Square and Chelsea Creek.

Prior to joining Morrisroe, Simon worked at Battersea Power Station helping to install ground props. The project entailed him having to do some shoring work 6 metres in the ground, which he thoroughly enjoyed. It was at this time Simon decided he wanted to go towards woodwork.

Simon made the decision to go for the Formwork Carpentry Apprenticeship, and has a clear path of where he wants to progress next. After his apprenticeship he hopes to complete his Supervisor NVQ3, progressing to levels 4, 5 and possibly 6, reaching management level.

Warsame Saleh

Formwork Carpentry Apprentice

Everyone on site has shown me the ropes – how to do everything right and make sure even the little things that are simple, go well.

Warsame joined Morrisroe in June 2015 following a period away from construction. However, it was always his desire to rejoin the industry with a company who would help develop his skills.

The biggest push for Warsame came from walking past construction sites each day and wishing he was there working with the builders. Previously, he had held a CSCS card so had a good understanding of site work. So, visiting the Prince’s Trust, he discovered there were courses available in construction, and applied to Morrisroe.

After explaining to Morrisroe that he always wanted to work in the industry, he was thrilled to get the opportunity for the apprenticeship. In 5/6 years, Warsame has ambitions to hold a management position, hopefully with Morrisroe.