The Minories


Project Description

  • Client: 4C Hotel Group
  • Main Contractor: Morrisroe
  • Architect: ACME

Acting as Principal Contractors, Morrisroe has been awarded the contract to construct a double storey basement box and podium slab which supports a 16 storey residential block and a 14 storey hotel extension. The extension is to be attached to an existing disused commercial development and is undergoing a complete refurbishment.

The site, with limited access and restrictions on noise due to the adjacent residential properties, covers a foot print of some 3,500 metres across a narrow site. Typical of all construction in and around the City of London, the site required careful groundworks and excavation as a result of multiple levels of earlier construction, including foundations and piles that date back to the 19th century. Due to the location of the excavation there has been interest from The Museum of London and 1st Line Defence to establish if there were any unexploded bombs buried on the site. East London and the immediate area were heavily hit in WW2.