Proud to be Safe

Proud To Be Safe

Morrisroe places safety as our number one priority across all of our activities and we want this commitment to be clearly expressed. As a result, we have adopted the motto ‘proud to be safe’ which has become the overall motto of the Morrisroe group. This is used to convey our dedication to safe working practices in all environments.

We wear this motto with pride on our uniforms and reproduce it on all of our marketing material and site signage.


More Than A Motto

'Proud To Be Safe' is more than just a motto. It is Morrisroe’s philosophy and we focus our energy on it at all times across the Morrisroe group, ensuring that safety remains constantly at the top of our priority list. The Proud To Be Safe programme ensures that our employees have in depth inductions onto sites, are aware of the appropriate Health & Safety practices as well as knowing what to do in potentially dangerous situations.