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Responsible Business

Delivering Sustainable Value

The Construction Sector is changing and value is being continually redefined. Consequently we are expanding our focus and evolving our business processes to enable us to continue to deliver greater value. Our aim is to maintain a balanced focus on profitability and people, and to be continually mindful of the environmental and social impact of our activities. Maintaining our focus in these areas supports our long term aspiration to be the contractor of choice.

A workforce that thrives

In order for our business of thrive, our people must thrive. We aim to be a place where our people feel happy, safe and supported. We strive to maintain a culture that enables everyone to perform to the best of their ability. Our focus on engagement, inclusion, talent development and workplace wellbeing, enables everyone to thrive. This in turn creates the conditions for collaboration and partnership that enables us to deliver exceptional service and value. We run a range of wellbeing initiatives that support and engage our staff in a variety of ways, as well as structured career development. We have a fair, inclusive and merit based approach to recruitment and an exemplary gender diversity record particularly in relation to engineering positions. We are committed to improving gender diversity in all other areas of our organisation.

Trust & Partnership

Our commitment to continuous improvement, greater efficiency, less waste and more certain planning outcomes generates trust and supports relationships with all of our key stakeholders. Clients are able to rely on us to provide the right solutions and to act as a trusted partner throughout the design and build process. Our commitment to fair procurement and payment practice maintains strong and healthy relationships with our supply chain. We follow the Industry Prompt Payment Code administered by the Chartered Institute of Credit Management on behalf of BEIS and rank well on the Build UK Fair Payments Index. We work with all suppliers to ensure that the materials we use are responsibly sourced.

Environmental Responsibility

Climate change is a crisis we all face and a responsibility we all share. Where possible we aim to design within circular economy principles to improve material efficiency, minimise waste and reduce embodied carbon.

Zero Carbon Emissions

Waste Management

Recognising that a circular economy is a more efficient and environmentally sound one to a linear economy in which we make, use and dispose of resources, we work hard to ensure that all products we own and materials we procure are kept in use for as long as possible.

Where possible we reuse and reprocess excavation waste, as well as and demolition waste.

Our waste management partners work with us to recover, segregate, and regenerate construction waste materials so they can be reused or re-manufactured, and diverted from landfill.

We have expanded our focus in this area from managing energy efficiency to a broader approach that involves developing strategic collaborations with our key stakeholders so that together we can transform and improve our collective approach, starting with design, through to procurement (of materials and products), to construction methodology.

Together with our key stakeholders we are confident that we will achieve carbon net zero emissions by 2030. We are fully committed to making the necessary investment in R&D as well as in the skills and capabilities we will need to make the necessary changes. Along with several suppliers we are currently designing and implementing data collection systems for this purpose so that we can better understand where we can improve.

We currently offset our carbon emissions by supporting the Woodland Trust and we promote the use of more sustainable forms of transportation including a company-wide cycle scheme.



We are identifying products containing non-recyclable plastics and eliminating these from our supply chain. We require justification for the use of single use plastic packaging and greater visibility from our suppliers as to the sustainability of products we procure.

Our commitment to effecting change is reflected in our wider people and community work where we have produced re-useable bags and water bottles for staff as well as run a ‘plastic art’ workshop at the Angel Canal festival repurposing plastic bags to create mosaic art.

We regularly seek out opportunities to improve the urban spaces around our project sites and aim to promote biodiversity in the process. Our work in this area has involved running biodiversity workshops at the Angel Canal festival where we built bug hotels and bat resting boxes for the local community, as well as carrying out refurbishment and repairs to Oasis City farm in Waterloo and our redevelopment of a school car park to create an urban city farm to be enjoyed by children and residents in Islington.

To further mitigate the impact of the built environment we support the Woodland Trust and we have committed to building 1000 bug hotels per year for communities based around our project sites.

Commitment to Delivering Social Value  

Sector skills and employment

As the sector evolves it will become increasingly important that we are able to attract digital natives. We are therefore developing a people approach that is “young person ready” with increased focus on mental health and wellbeing, mentoring, and ‘a career climbing wall’ that offers a varied and interesting career paths in our business.

By aligning behind the objectives of the Construction Industry Sector Deal we contribute to a collective effort to attract and retain skills in our sector. We are part of an employer led collaboration with the London Legacy Development Corporation on the Queen Elizabeth Park to maximise employment and training opportunities to communities living within the legacy boroughs. Across our business we offer several entry level employment opportunities, work experience placements and apprenticeships, as well as opportunities for personal and professional development.



We continue to look for opportunities to offer our skills to local communities. Our recent involvement in the redevelopment of a primary school car park to create an outdoor learning centre and urban farm in Islington was awarded BCI Community Engagement project of the Year.

We have been proud sponsors of several community initiatives such as the Greenwich Peninsula Annual Summer fete and the Angel Canal Festival which we have now sponsored for four consecutive years. These events generate opportunities for our workforce to volunteer and ‘give back’.

Our commitment to charitable giving provides opportunities to “give back”. We have been a CRASH patron since 2016. In addition to our patron donation we provide professional expertise and building materials that enable CRASH to respond to the increasing number of requests for help they receive to improve the buildings that are needed by homeless and terminally ill people.

We support several other charities each year including The British Heart Foundation, Prostate Cancer UK, the Teenage Cancer Trust, The River Canal Trust, The Caudwell Foundation, The Lighthouse Trust, Momentum Children’s Charity, Greenwich Starting Blocks and Nishkam Swat.

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