Crash Above and Beyond Award

September 2018

Morrisroe is delighted to have been awarded the CRASH “Above & Beyond” Award for the Patron company that has provided the greatest value of professional expertise during the year. The Award is given to companies who in the last year have gone above and beyond to help CRASH.  

At the CRASH Annual Patrons’ Reception on Thursday 6th September 2018 Francesca Roberts, Chief Executive of CRASH charity said:

‘‘Morrisroe helped with a number of projects but truly went above and beyond when they led and delivered on the creation of a new car-park for Rennie Grove Hospice in St Albans. You may not think a carpark sounds that important, but nothing could be farther from the truth for a busy hospice. For anyone of you who have had the experience of being in a wheelchair, or pushed someone who is sick in a wheelchair you will know that every little jolt and bump worsens the pain they are in. Also for people who are arriving to visit someone at the hospice or perhaps leaving after a loved one has died, the last thing they need is the added stress of trying to get in or out of difficult parking spaces. Morrisroe delivered a brilliant piece of quality work that saved the hospice a significant amount of money. Morrisroe was helped on this project by our Patrons Arcadis and Hanson. The hospice cannot speak highly enough of Morrisroe and the help they have provided. And one of the patients told us: ‘‘When you’re diagnosed with a life-limiting illness your life is thrown into complete turmoil so attending support sessions at Rennie Grove Hospice is hugely important and beneficial. Having the ability now to park easily removes the stress and anxiety associated with trying to get to my appointment on time. It is the simple things that make life more bearable.’’  

Morrisroe helped with a number of projects but truly went above and beyond when they led and delivered on the creation of a new car-park for Rennie Grove Hospice in St Albans.

The Crash annual patrons' award ceremony brought together senior representatives from the construction and property industry who have all given valuable time and resource to support CRASH.


Crash Charity Awards

What We Did

CRASH approached Brian Morrisroe with a range of projects we could get involved in. The Rennie Grove project was suited our skill set so we offered out help.

Based in Hertfordshire, Rennie Grove Hospice Care provides 24/7 care and support for adults and children in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire diagnosed with life-limiting illness, and support for their families. The hospice required a car park for patients and visitors. It owned some land which had the potential to provide car parking if it could be rationalised with a suitable design. The hospice successfully applied for planning permission and together with Arcadis we provided pro bono professional expertise during the planning phases saving the charity £34,926.19.

We then offered to carry out ground works and hard landscaping and able to encourage firms in our supply chain to donate additional materials and plant. A number of our workers volunteered their time and found the experience hugely rewarding.

"We established a great relationship with the Rennie Grove team who were very happy to welcome us to their site.  It is always good to get involved in these sorts of projects. The client really looked after us – providing lovely hot meals on trays in cold winter months. It was not something we normally do, but we had expertise in that field and it made a nice change to be involved in a car park and hard landscaping job, and to be able to use our skill set to benefit others. Rennie Grove was a great client to work for. Their excellent and decisive decision making made life simpler and speeded up the process, which made the whole experience more enjoyable. The Rennie Grove job was probably amongst the best 6 weeks ever spent at Morrisroe."

Seamus Gaughan, Groundworks Construction Manager, Morrisroe

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