Morrisroe have extensive experience of basements of all types. We have built an impressive portfolio of projects involving deep and complex basement structures, their associated permanent and temporary works, retaining walls, and below ground concrete structures.

We are used to delivering works in often congested city centres, many sites being located adjacent to properties requiring temporary supports or façade retention. We are used to liaising with multiple stakeholders as well as parties with vested interests in the protection of their asset, such as Transport for London, Network Rail and London Underground.

We develop safe and efficient designs and construction methodology to overcome challenging site conditions and footprints. This may involve full or part ‘’top down’’ construction to facilitate the simultaneous construction of the superstructure or provide for improved access to the site whilst completing the basement structure beneath.

Kingscote Design has extensive experience of basement design and construction in the temporary and permanent situation, and provide technical assurance in relation to our intended build solution. Kingscote Design support to our clients and their design team during the third party design approval process.

Project Portfolio

One The Thames

A three storey basement…

Upper Riverside

We were appointed as Principal Contractor to construct a watertight shared basement box… Read More >>

The Madison

A two storey water-proofed basement…

St Mary Axe

A three storey basement employing partial top down methodology… Read More >>

Blossom Street

A Cantillon/Morrisroe collaboration to deliver a basement box… Read More >>

London Aquatics Centre

A 3725m2 basement for underground plant…

Paddington Square

A four storey involving part top down construction… Read More >>


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