Core Construction


We work with our clients to develop the best core construction solution for their project. This might involve traditional methods or the use of hybrid ‘twin wall’ methodology for an enhanced finish.

Modern methods of Construction  

We specialise in use of innovative jump form and slip form methodology which provide several safety and programme benefits. These highly engineered climbing formwork systems allow for the accurate and fast adjustment of the formwork whilst also fully enclosing the platform providing full protection for people and materials.

We piloted the first wireless formwork positioning system at the Elephant Park Project. Multiple sensors attached to defined measuring points communicated wirelessly with a central processing unit to provide real time information on the positioning of the formwork. Watch our testimonial below:

Jump Form  

At the Madison we selected a fully hydraulic Doka SCP rig for the core which reduced hook time by providing storage for up to 40T of material on its top deck. The stairs were swiftly installed using a safe and efficient Stair Master system. We used our Doka SCP Rig, which encloses the platform and provides full protection for people and materials.

Slip Form

70 St Mary Axe was our tallest free standing slip form core rising to 96m in height and slip formed from B3 to Level 22. Optical plumbs were used to continuously monitor and minimize any deviation. With the rig climbing at up to 2.5m per day, we completed the core five weeks ahead of programme.


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