Post Tensioning


We provide highly specialised post tensioning design and installation services. Kingscote Design Limited is at the forefront of PT design in the UK and undertakes all PT design and detailing work on Morrisroe projects. Kingscote Post Tensioning Limited provides estimating, material procurement and installation services to A J Morrisroe + Sons Limited. It is a member of the UK Post Tensioning Association and CARES UK approved for bonded and unbonded PT.

Value Engineering

We often convert permanent works design into PT design, proposing that the method of constructing the floor slabs is changed from normal reinforced concrete to more specialist PT concrete. This allows the slabs to be thinner and the building to be lighter and can also provide significant cost savings.

Programme Efficiency

Using post tensioned slabs allows the formwork to be struck earlier and moved on more quickly which can provide significant time savings as well as programme certainty.

Material Efficiency

Post tensioning results in the more efficient use of materials (concrete and steel) which reduces the amount of embodied carbon in the structure.


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