Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Dr. Peter F. Drucker

There is something special at Morrisroe. We have a high-performance culture that attracts and retains talented people.  Our consistent focus on safety and wellbeing provides the confidence they need to perform each day and the conditions for success.  As long as our people are happy, healthy, safe and well, the rest follows.

Midia Choudhury

Civil engineering apprentice

I have spent the first year of my civil engineering degree apprenticeship in the design office as well as on a project site.  This has given me a more rounded view of both the design and build process.

One of our Operations Directors had originally encouraged me to apply for an apprenticeship following a work experience placement with Morrisroe at the Elephant Park. I am really grateful for his encouragement and really excited about my future in this Industry.

Danny swan

health & safety apprentice

I have learned a huge amount at Morrisroe. I am always given tasks that challenge me to develop.

One thing that stands out for me is that I am always made to feel like a valued member of the team. Winning an award for the Best Stand Down for Safety at our annual Safety awards was one of my best moments.

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