Striving to thrive

Safety – Wellbeing – Mental Health – Inclusion

In order for our business of thrive, our people must thrive.  We aim to be a place where our people feel happy, safe and supported.


We work hard to ensure that every person who works for us or comes into contact with our work, returns home each day safe and well.  

Our proud to be safe behavioural safety programme maintains our safety culture and enables us to achieve year on year improvements.

Annual Safety Awards

Each year we celebrate the safety successes of our site teams at our annual safety awards.

This year we have added a category for Outstanding contribution to Covid19 response.

Categories include:

Outstanding Health and Safety Performance for the Project

Best Health and Safety InnovatioN

“Proud to be Safe” leadership

Black Hat newcomer of the Year

Best Stand Down




mental health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing is a huge priority for us. As signatories to Building Mental Health we are committed to reducing the stigma associated with mental health and we are committed to maintaining a workplace culture that enables open and safe communication.

Several members of staff are mental health first aid trained and our safety department regularly raises awareness about the range of places where support can be accessed.

WE have Over 20 mental health first aiders in the business

Monitoring 'Good Days at Work'

We perform regular participatory reviews and evaluations of our wellbeing impact. This helps us to shape our wellbeing approach. Our recent wellbeing survey was designed by wellbeing specialists Roberston Cooper who are passionate about creating ‘Good Days at Work’.  This survey measured our organisation’s resilience across five categories including psychological, physical, career, financial and environmental. Our overall scores indicated that our people are highly engaged and happy at work.

81% Resilience (National average 77% - Ref: Good day at Work Wellbeing survey result 2019)


Wellbeing initiatives

Our wellbeing initiatives support our staff in a variety of ways, from providing fruit bowls, to on-site massage and mindfulness sessions. Each year we provide opportunities to take part in stimulating community volunteering activities, charity fundraising and team building events.


Celebrating Difference

Each year we celebrate International Women’s Day and International Women in Engineering Day.

We strive to maintain a fair and inclusive working environment and we celebrate difference in all its forms. Across our business we benefit from the wealth of experience and perspectives that diversity brings in terms of in age, nationality and gender.  

Maintaining an inclusive environment supports everyone to thrive. We are proud of our exemplary record of women in engineering and senior management positions.  

40% of our Structural Engineers are women

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