Innovative and Value Led solutions

We can draw upon the wide-ranging specialist expertise of sister companies within the Group to take a more holistic approach to design and planning, integrating programmes to maximise efficiency and value for our clients.

As well as providing solutions that mitigate risk and improve logistics, we establish clear and rational sequencing for project delivery.

Pre-construction services

Design and Planning

  • Early Design Review
  • Cost Planning and Budgetary support
  • Value engineering
  • Programming and sequencing
  • 3d visualisation


  • Coordination of demolition and enabling
  • Logistics and Lifting strategies
  • Excavation methodology including muck-away logistics
  • Temporary Works strategy
  • Concrete pumping and distribution strategy
  • Selection of formwork and falsework systems
  • Core and vertical elements design
  • Safety strategies including working at height and edge protection

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