Mindful or Mind Full?


Mindfulness is now recognised as one of the most useful skills we can develop to help us cope with and even thrive when under stress. By learning about and applying a set of practices we can develop our resilience as well as our capacity to respond positively to situations, rather than allowing them to overwhelm us.

Being mindful requires regular practice and a little commitment. It is an ancient eastern practice that aims to bring us into the present moment, which may sound very simple, but it is not something we are used to doing. Ruby Wax explains the science behind this in her book ‘Mindfulness for the Frazzled’.


We took the plunge at Head Office and invited Bob Chase from Mindfulness in the City to bring mindful practice into our workplace consciousness. Those who took part found his introductory session quite profound. For many, sharing the experience with work colleagues was a real novelty as well as very positive.

We will be looking to explore how mindful practice can be infused into our workplace culture going forward and will also be exploring another related concept known as ‘micro pausing’. These are moments we can create during our working day, such as when we take a short walk in between meetings, moments which, with a little mindfulness added in, can offer the opportunity for greater clarity and a change in perspective

Recommended Reading

Mindfulness for the Frazzled – Ruby Wax

Pause – Danielle North

Pause Every Day – Danielle North

Tea Life, Tea Mind – Soshitsu Sen XV

Tao: The Watercourse Way – Alan Watts

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