Unlocking the most complex construction projects

Kingscote Design Limited provides a unique blend of engineering expertise spanning all aspects of civil and structural engineering. It’s highly capable team supports us to develop the best solutions for clients. As experts in our specialist field they can be relied upon to unlock the most complex of projects to provide safer, more efficient and sustainable designs.

Design Services

Permanent Works

Kingscote Design provides wide ranging expertise in the design and construction of foundations, retaining structures, basements and super structures, as well as the design of structural alterations for all types of building refurbishment.  It houses the largest post tensioned design team in the UK.


Foundations / Retaining Structures and Basements / Bored Piling / Sheet Piling / Cuttings & Embankments

Concrete Super Structures including High Rise

Reinforced Concrete & Detailing / Post Tensioned Concrete / Precast Concrete Column Stairs & Landings / Hybrid Construction / Concrete Technology – Concrete Mix Design / Large Volume Pours / Early age thermal analysis of concrete and assessment /Mitigation of risk of thermal cracking.

Structural Refurbishment and Alteration

Openings / Extensions / Service Risers / lift shafts.

Temporary Works

Kingscote provides expert consultancy in all aspects of temporary works design and installation to enable the demolition, remediation, alteration or construction of the permanent works, and in many situations providing innovative solutions utilizing existing or permanent works in the temporary condition, whilst taking responsibility for obtaining the necessary third party approvals required.


Review of pre-construction / tender information / Constructability, sequencing and methodology / Initial temporary works and permanent works schemes for costing / Temporary works proposals

Major Demolition & Alteration

Façade Retention / Retaining Wall support / Underpinning / Needling / Propping Jacking / Party wall support / Capping Beams

Basement Construction

Top Down & Bottom Up / Plunge Columns / Gantries / Crane Bases / Pile platforms / Earthworks support / Sheet Piling.

Concrete Superstructure

Core Wall Temporary Stability & Construction – Slipform, Jumpform construction Formwork / Falsework / Scaffolding & Edge Protection / Back propping / Screens Fans / Hoists & Crane support and connections.


Review of pre-construction / tender information / Constructability, Sequencing and Methodology / Initial Temporary Works and Permanent works schemes for costing / Temporary Works proposals

Design management

BIM for efficient work flow and visualisation.


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